Jerome Deupree: Selected Discography

Morphine “Good”, “Cure for Pain”, and “The Night”
Either/Orchestra “Dial E”, “Radium”, and “Half Life of Desire”
Bourbon Princess “Black Feather Wings” and  “Dark of Days”
Joe Morris “Sweatshop” and “Racket Club” (electric) also, “Flip and Spike”, “Antennae”, and  “A Cloud of Black Birds” (acoustic)
“Human Rites” is on vinyl, but you might just find it somewhere.
The Coot’s “7th Dimension” and “Pray for Rain”
Merrie Amsterburg “Season of Rain”
Jen Trynin “Cockamamie” only on “One Year Down”
James McMurtry “Too Long in the Wasteland”
The Humans “Play” and other assorted singles/promos
John Cougar “Chestnut Street Incident”  … good for a laugh

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